The Canadian Center for Community Advancement (3CA) is undertaking a Strength in Diversity (SID) project.

The scope of the SID project is four fold.

First it is to build the online capacity of the organization by revamping and redeveloping the organizational website. The goal here is turn the website into a dynamic and state of the art website that can not only host dynamic diversity related content but can become as a result of the implementation of the proposed project a clearing house for many websites that can further disseminate this information.

Second, the goal is to enhance our social media presence which is a target rich audience for our Strength in Diversity message by leveraging a social media management platform that can manage up to twenty social media applications/sites. The intent here is to have one place where one message is developed and posted then through the management platform this information is disseminated throughout all our social media sites.

Third, it is to roll out a two-year social media management training to all our staff and volunteers.

Fourth and the final goal is to recruit two volunteer researchers (paid on a weekly stipend) whose mission is to scour all relevant sources for information that highlights the strength in diversity message we would like to share with a national and global audience.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada

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