The Canadian Center for Community Advancement (3CA) undertook a one year micro grants project. This project offered 15 micro grants with per micro grant value of between $2,000 to $5,000. It was intended to fund youth-owned and youth-led projects and proposals. It was open to youth aged 15-30 whether they are part of a registered youth organization or an informal group and who want to implement an innovative idea in one of the following three project streams:

  1. Preserving the environment.
  2. Promoting civic and democratic engagement.
  3. Strengthening youth resilience.

The RAYI micro grants project implementation has been very successful. As a result, the funder, the Canadian Government under the Canada Service Corps, have extended the project for a further three years.

2023/2024 – Completed & Closed.

2024/2025 – Now OPEN.

2025/2026 – Not yet open

2026/2027 – Not yet open

For more information about the RAYI micro grants project, you can send an email to  or call the project staff at (416) 614-1255 ext.204