OSCAO/3CA successfully undertook the NIODAT in 2014/2015. The project allowed OSCAO to host between 80 and 100 newcomers monthly in a comfortable and relaxed setting where familiar food was served to help newcomers get started in their new life in Canada. The key objectives of the proposed project were as follows:

  1. To provide a gathering spot where newcomers came and met both new and established Canadians of similar backgrounds.
  2. To provide a venue where newcomers built and or established networks both personal and organizational through these gatherings that the newcomers could then leverage in their search for meaningful work, place to live, trainings to attend, and ways to sponsor their families who may have been left behind.
  3. To provide a reason for a newly arrived to leave the loneliness of their new homes once a month when it was dark outside in the cold winters for example so that the newcomers could have familiar food, make new friends, and hear stories of how other newcomers have successfully integrated into the Canadian family.
  4. To create a venue where other community service providers met with newcomers instead of the newcomer with no car, potentially with no bus money, and not even knowing directions trying to find each agency.

Upon the successful conclusion of the project:

  1. 12 monthly dinners were held with an average attendance of 86 individuals (with 70 to 30 % ratio of newcomers and established Canadians).
  2. 12 different community service providers have attended at least one session throughout the project duration.

This project was made possible by grant provided by