At the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, 3CA undertook the MCI project. The goals of the MCI project were multifold and included the following:

1.       To establish a dedicated hotline where community members were to be provided authentic Covid 19 related information in multiple languages including English, French, Somali, Arabic, Kiswahili and Ahmaric.

2.       To provide smart computers (Apple iPads) on a day, week, or month long loaner. Please call the office for further information or to take advantage of these services during the pandemic. This project is Funded by the Government of Canada.

3.       To distribute much sought after, and hard to find, medical grade glove sets and masks so that the population served can protect themselves while not spending a dime out of pocket.

The services provided under the MCI project include:

1.       Telephone hotlines manned by knowledgeable staff and volunteers who were able to provide authentic Covid 19 information from credible sources for six days a week (Monday to Saturday) and for eight hours a day.

2.       E-mail service where there was active monitoring and response provided by volunteers seven days a week (Monday to Sunday) for 11 hours a day and with a one hour turn around response throughout the project duration.

3.       Twice a week Online Group meet and greet ON Mondays and Wednesdays for two hours each day throughout the duration of the project.

4.       Smart computer loaner service for community members with no access to such devices and who could borrow the smart computer for as long as a month at a given time.

5.       Provision of remote computer support so that those encountering technology difficulties would get support from the convert of their homes regardless of whether they were using 3CA loaner computers or their own. This service was provided three times a week ON Mondays, Wednesdays and on Fridays for three hours a day.

This project was made possible by grant provided Government of Canada Emergency Fund managed by United Way Canada.