The GATT project provides both a technology training drop-in service as well as registered cohort trainings throughout the year for anyone needing to build one’s technology skills. The project with the financial support provided by Project Propeller- an of the Greater Toronto Airport Authority’s Community Investment Program- allows 3CA to utilize the computer skills of its IT professionals in its volunteer pool to help enhance the computer skills of both established members and newcomers including youth.

The project, as implemented currently, uses our advanced technology expertise (12 of our volunteers are established IT professionals) and already established computer laboratory stocked with desktops, laptops, iPads, networked printers, scanners and photocopiers with a fast Internet access in order to train both new immigrants and a not-yet-established citizens in the use and mastery of both the Internet and fundamental computer applications.

The goal is to bridge the IT divide that is becoming more visible with the advances in technology and the requirement and expectations of today’s job market.

Having access to the GATT IT instructor on one-on-one basis have helped me learn and became conversant on the use of computer technology for my adult high school classes. Being given a mobile computer for use at home was what made attend my college classes online.

Khalif A

Having access to the computer lab is very helpful. Being able to check my e-mails, draft my documents, print and or scan them without charge is what makes me come to the office whenever I need access to computer technology.

Nasir H

Thanks to the access to the computer laboratory, I was able to complete my application for financial support for my post secondary education.

Mohamed H