Somali Seniors Wisdom Fridays (SSWF)

3CA runs a year-round SSWF project. It is a project run by seniors that serves both seniors and the wider community including the youth. The goals of the project are to empower the seniors by enabling them to lead bi-weekly open sessions where they will share their wisdom with both the Somali community and other Canadian communities and provide recommendations on how that wisdom could be applied to solving issues relevant to the happenings of their new country and or in their locale.

It is to aid with social inclusion and remove the geographical isolation felt by the seniors by allowing them to showcase their newly acquired computer technology skills whereby they would lead the sessions to a Canada-wide audience once every three months. It is also to allow the seniors to celebrate with the wider community during the hot summer months in a public conservation park where the Seniors take an active lead in all the events from competitions to cultural story telling to Dhaanto-Somali traditional dances that are much sought after.