Help 3CA Build a Modern Community Hub

3CA is undertaking an ambitious building project. It plans to build a modern, purpose-built community hub with amenities to cater to the needs of every sector of the community from the new to born (through daycare facilities) to the elderly (through the seniors center with attached vertical farming space) to the youth (through the youth innovation hub) and more. We invite you to help us make this project a reality. All are welcome to participate in the building project by donating a modest $20.00 amount to the project. You can do so through 3CA’s GoFundme campaign. You can also send your contribution electronically via e-mail. Best of all, you can help us realize this project by letting your friends and family know about the project.

Let us close the year, though we know it has been a trying year, on a good note by helping 3CA in its ambitious plans to build a community hub.