Oct 26, 2023


The first mandate of the project vision is to create a place for people through a place‐making process engaging community members and stakeholders. Consequently, the project design comprises spaces dedicated to various community needs and purposes. This mandate is conceived to create a place for people and in this process of place‐making the design comprises of spaces dedicated to various purposes and functions including:

  • An Indoor Common, naturally lit Galleria space to welcome all at arrival into the building that connect to all other parts including directly to the Youth centre and vertical farm and café for all people to gather at their leisure, meet informally and enjoy art exhibits and other community events and festivities.
  • Youth Innovation Ctr. for involving and engaging teenagers and young adults in learning computer skills, social media, innovative thinking goal setting, vocation and career planning. As an adjunct space is also provided to serve as the Cafeteria.
  • 400‐seat multi‐purpose Community Hall for community events.
  • Daycare Centre for infants, toddlers and school‐age children and for supporting families.
  • Gymnasium sized for a basketball court and other indoor sports and community use.
  • Women Centre with counselling services and parents guidance program as ongoing coaching and support services to those in need. A learning centre for all women, and particularly single and young mothers.
  • Seniors program and supportive services for the elderly persons to engage in well being activities, health learning and lifestyle improvements.