About Us

The Canadian Centre for Community Advancement also referred to as 3CA is the tradename for the Ogaden Somali Community Association of Ontario (OSCAO). 3CA is a not-for-profit federally registered Canadian charity which was formed in 1992. It was founded by a group of dedicated Canadian citizens whose main objective, at the time, was to help the community members and newcomers settling in Canada, many of whom were displaced by what was at the time the African continent’s longest war.

The 3CA is a place for people sharing a vision for a healthy and prosperous community. 3CA dwells on the premise of self‐help and partnership with the community groups, governments and the private sector to create new facilities dedicated to developing and delivering vital community services for the people. A place with rooms and spaces dedicated to address diverse community needs and will be open to all by offering programs of interest to families, women, seniors youth and children.

The 3CA has been at the forefront of providing much needed community services such as resettlement services, skills development for adults and youth, seniors support programs, recreational sports for youth, and English language classes for both the Somali community members and new immigrants from different parts of the world residing in Ontario.


The mission of the Canadian Center for Community Advancement (3CA) is to promote and advance the health, social well-being and the welfare of the Somali Community by providing much needed community and settlement services, with the ultimate goal of building a healthy and a vibrant community whose members can successfully settle and effectively integrate into the wider Canadian society.